College of Arts and Sciences


  1. To produce world class professionals in the Arts and Sciences.
  2. To develop and maintain curricular programs that are relevant and responsive to regional and national development goals.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  1. To provide intellectually stimulating challenging environment.
  2. To develop skills in the various fields of Information Technology.
  3. To foster high-quality teaching in the field of ICT.
  4. To provide a dynamic course content that is responsive to the challenging IT environment.
  5. To provide students with opportunities for enrichment and personal growth.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  1. Develop knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of communication applicable in various prefessions and contexts, with focus on the media professions.
  2. Exhibit professional ethics and standards of communication/media practice.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

At the end of four-year BSSW training, students shall have attained professional competence in:

  1. Problem-solving, which enables the client system to engage in finding solutions to difficulties and problems;
  2. Linking people with the systems, whereby the clients are enabled to locate, utilize, and/or create internal and external resources;
  3. Documenting the level of adequacy of social services to client for policy and program development; and,
  4. Using professional self in dealing with clients, colleagues and all those who come into sphere of his activities.

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