Policies to Achieve SDGs

The Leyte Normal University is committed to advancing sustainability to fight against poverty in all of its forms, including the environment, social responsibility, ethics, and economics. LNU shall practice responsible stewardship in its anti-poverty policies and procedures consistent with its vision, purpose, and strategic priorities, as well as the fiduciary and anti-poverty regulations that are applicable to the university and its scope.

The assurances of quality education is enshrined in the universities Quality Education Policy enabled by specific regulations on Lifelong Learning, Equal Student Opportunity, and Sustainable Learning Environment.

Meaningful education at LNU means helping students develop educationally, socially, and emotionally with student-centered learning based on student needs, interests, and expectations regardless of gender. This is reinforced by policies on: LNU Gender and Development (GAD) Code, GAD Policies and Mandates, Policy of Nondiscrimination against women, Civil Service Commission (CSC) Agenda and Memo: LNU Gender and Development (GAD) Code, Non-discrimination policy for transgender.

LNU is committed to forging partnership through sectoral dialogues mainly focused on serving the needs of the local community.

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