September 2021 LET Passers

Amidst this critical time of the CoVID-19 pandemic, LNU recorded an impressive LET result to wit; a passing rate of 88.3% , with 53 Secondary Level first takers, exceeding the national passing rate for first takers of 61.04%. For the Elementary Level, 83.33% or 35 LNU First Takers, successfully passed the LET, compared to the national passing rate of 56.37%.

This is also a significant increase from the LNU September 2019 passing rate of 75.6% for BEED to this year’s 83.3% passing rate, and from the 84.48% BSED 2019 passing rate to this year’s improved passing rate of 88.3%.

What an accomplished feat from our LNU takers of the September 2021 Licensure Exam for Teachers! Cheers!

Published by: Rico Combinido, IT Support Office