LNU Ventures for Student IZN trail

LNU continues to act on its priority goal of internationalization through the Students’ Training of Ambassadors for Internationalization and Leadership (TrAIL) held last April 25-28, 2022 at the LNU HRDC Hall. In her opening speech, Leyte Normal University President Dr. Evelyn B. Aguirre highlighted the importance of equipping students with necessary knowledge and skills as they help bring LNU to the world.

The first day of the training started with Dr. Aisyah Palupi, a current Education and Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Manila. Dr. Calupi spoke about “Trailing Wellness and Solidarity Through Student’s Leadership on the Road to Post-Pandemic” where she shared three keys to a resilient post-pandemic recovery, and followed it up with “Strengthening Partnership and International Solidarity through ASEAN Institutional Cooperation”.

On its 2nd day, resource speaker Mr. Hector J. Gloria, Jr., Partner of CHED- International Affairs Staff, Communication faculty under the College of Arts and Sciences, and Lead, Internationalization and Communication in the University of St. La Salle, stressed in his message that “creating small maneuverable teams towards internationalization might be a good start for a future, wherein LNU becomes an international arena in education.” As part of the training, Mr. Gloria, Jr. shared four main TRAIL topics: TrAILblaze: A Branding Social Media MarketTrAIL; TrAILblaze: IZN Communication and Brand TrAILing Workshop; Communication Design Management Framework; and, Brand Storytelling: LNU Sensory Storytelling. Student ambassadors then presented their plans and projects for the preparation of internationalization in the university.

Day 3 featured Zoom discussions about the true essence of being a leader by two speakers, Ms. Pichmonyka Chan, a Knight Frank Investment Analyst , Good City Foundation Partner and Young Ambassador for the United Nations; and Mr. Andre Kwok, founder of Good City Foundation. Ms. Chan’s topic focused on the meaning of being a leader entitled The Art in Trailing: A Leadership with a Heart. She also emphasized that “Leadership is an ART as it involves Action, Responsibility and Together, that means being a leader is being able to bring something impactful to others.”

Mr. Andre Kwok featured the significance of taking good care of the environment as he discussed the topic, “A leader’s profile to the Global Village Transformation”. Mr. Kwok then invited LNU students and all partners to the upcoming 7th Annual Meet of the Future City Summit in December.

The last day of the training featured various insightful and inspiring talks from the student ambassadors namely, Ms. Queenie Jean F. Ureña, President of LNU Supreme Student Council (SSC); Mr. Jacob Villas, President of Interact Society, and Chairman of Consultative Assembly; Mr. Gorg Ryan R. Requiez, a member of LNU English Circle, and the Head/Committee-Supervisor of Kadasig Youth Organization; and, Ms. Jenecile Parambita, a 4th year Representative of LNU-SSC. Afterwards, Dr. Maricel A. Gomez, Director of International Affairs; Dr. Nilda V. Jamora, Manager of Tours and Special Events; Prof. Gillian Mae G. Villaflor, Director of Public Affairs Office; and Prof. Romyr Gabon, Director of Academy for Culture and Arts gave their message of support to the student ambassadors and to LNU’s internationalization efforts. Dr. Cleofe L. Lajara, Vice-President of Student Development and Auxiliary Services, closed the event with John Maxwell’s quote on Leadership: “A student ambassador is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

LNU Students’ TrAIL aimed to establish a fully functional and capacitated student ambassadors’ program with formulated plans and projects dedicated for the student ambassadors relative to the internationalization of the Leyte Normal University, to prepare students to live and work in a globalized world, to enhance scholarship and discovery, and to foster economic links between their communities and the rest of the world.

Published by: Rico Combinido, IT Support Office