Normalistas Converge Indonesian Culture Through A Short Course Program

Leslie Agatha B. Egonio, a second-year BSSW student; Mary Joy L. Mercullo, a third-year BEED student; and Hannah Leigh Amargo, a first-year BEED student, participated in the international Eat, Love, and Pray: Living Diversity in Indonesia short course program of the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia via Zoom on January 16 – 20, 2023.

Two normalistas, Genesis A. Domingo, a second-year BSNED student, and Syrriana Mae O. Barrosa, a second-year BSTM student, also attended the online course and flew to Indonesia to attend the onsite set-up on January 22 – 28, 2023.

These Normalistas were introduced to Indonesian cuisine, traditional arts, religion, and games.

According to Miss Amargo, the course illuminated her the diversity, resiliency, and uniqueness of the country’s culture and the similar practices between the Philippine and Indonesian religions.

Sending these students to the program manifested the LNU’s desire to mold students who will become global citizens full of respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and heritage— thus, championing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No. 4 on Quality Education and SDG No. 10 on Reducing Inequalities.s that we can contribute to this goal of eradicating hunger. Through the University’s Community Extension Programs and Projects, the University aims, among others, to contribute to addressing this social issue through community empowerment and literacy so that the interventions given to our beneficiaries would become sustainable,” Dr. Aguirre said.