LNU Stude Champs International Essay Writing Tilt

Leslie Agatha Egonio, a second-year Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) student, nabbed the Best Essay award in Eat, Love, and Pray: Living Diversity in Indonesia, a short-course program organized by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), on January 16-28, 2023 both in Bandung, Indonesia and via Zoom conference.

Egonio bested 22 students from Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, including the Philippines.

“The program allowed the student-participants to think more critically and observe their environment. As 21st-century learners, this skill of easily finding similarities despite a wide array of cultural differences will come in handy as we are now in a global village—interconnectedness is in our middle name,” Egonio said.

The said program was held to promote and foster global citizens who are aware and appreciative of cultural diversity and heritage—hence, answering the call on reducing inequality (SDG 10).

Meanwhile, it must be noted that the 7th goal of the university’s strategic plan is centered on its internationalization. Hence, this recognition paves the way to making LNU more visible on a global scale.