LNU@102: Towards Global Solidarity for a Sustainable Society

Leyte Normal University celebrates its 102nd Founding Anniversary with the theme “LNU@102: Towards Global Solidarity for a Sustainable Society”, featuring the Vinta.

Like the Vinta, LNU has remained a representation of determination to sail in the vast ocean of academic spectrums plowing through the waves of challenges over the years and bridging the gaps in education.

Identified as one of the most colorful vessels in the country, the Vinta has become a symbol of the Philippines’ rich history and culture. This vibrant canoe’s legacy can be traced back to the pre-colonial period and remains the country’s symbol of hope and journey. Originally, its sail has different hues, sewn in vertical stripes- thus, representing harmony.

The Vinta symbolizes Leyte Normal University, a vessel in its journey through the highs and lows of the changing times. Its golden color represents malleability and steadfastness, mirroring how the university withstands and adapts to the ever-changing global needs. The waves, meanwhile, imply the changing educational landscape that the university sails through time. In these waters of globalization, the Vinta voyages in solidarity with other nations to realize sustainable development goals. Its sailors, the entire LNU community- as one- courageously face the enormous waves, keeping close to their hearts the university’s core values- integrity, excellence, and service.