LNU Marker: A Century of Transformative Education

To commemorate its 100th year as a premier teacher training institution, Leyte Normal University (LNU) celebrates its journey through the inauguration and blessing of the LNU Marker on September 28, 2023, at the ORC Quadrangle.

The LNU Marker, far from being a mere decorative piece, is a powerful representation of the university’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The laurel leaves encircling the globe symbolize the university’s perpetual commitment to academic excellence, achievement, and distinction in education in the region and worldwide. At its pinnacle is a blazing torch representing the unwavering spirit of LNU’s educators, illuminating the path of knowledge and enlightenment for the next generations.

Moreover, the marker serves as a reminder of Leyte Normal University’s educational odyssey over the past century, highlighting the contributions of four generations of educators who have steered LNU’s transformation from a humble local college in Tacloban City to a global education leader.

Furthermore, the symbolic marker represents the university’s long-standing dedication to integrity, excellence, and service and shows its transformative journey since its founding in 1921.

Published by: Rico Combinido, IT Support Office