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The International Affairs and External Linkages Office (IAELO) is the University’s primary division responsible for coordinating and executing internationalization initiatives. Its core objectives include expanding the University’s partnerships, gaining recognition from accrediting bodies, acquiring organizational memberships, and engaging in global interactions.


  • Develop an Internationalization Development Program or Roadmap to increase and expand opportunities for international engagements for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide comprehensive training to enhance the international knowledge and competence of the IAELO staff, coordinators, and student volunteers.
  • Enhance institutional protocols for establishing and maintaining linkages with international organizations and institutions.
  • Develop and implement plans and strategies to facilitate the growth of home-based and cross-border internationalization programs
  • Promote the University's strong niche areas both within the country and abroad.
  • Expand institutional memberships in relevant international professional organizations.
  • Collaborate with the Academic Services office to:

      a. Provide faculty development opportunities, including international training, scholarships, and fellowships, to build a stronger pool of faculty experts.
      b. Internationalize the curricula to foster a global perspective in the educational programs.
      c. Revitalize and expand the Student Internship Abroad Program to offer more diverse international experiences.
      d. Strengthen the existing transnational education programs, including twinning/joining programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
      e. Implement focused mechanisms for international student recruitment.
  • Collaborate with the following offices:

      a. Administrative and Finance units - For providing the necessary logistic support for the implementation of internationalization initiatives;
      b. Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs - For the planning and execution of academic internationalization activities;
      c. Office of the Vice President for Student Development - For the planning and execution of various student internationalization activities;
      d. Research and Extension Office - For the planning and execution of international research and extension activities;
      e. Public Affairs and Information Office - For the production of the university’s promotional materials and promoting the university's internationalization programs on the university’s website;
      f. Alumni Affairs Office - For enhancing the alumni engagement in the different internationalization initiatives of the students;
      g. Office of the Board Secretary - For the coordination and facilitating the review of the MOU and MOA by the Solicitor General, as well as the facilitation of the conduct of internationalization activities in the university and international travels.
      h. Office of the University President - For the coordination and approval of all university internationalization initiatives, programs, and activities.
  • Services

  • Arrange Academic Visits
  • Assistance to International Students
  • Forging of Partnerships (MoUs and MoAs)
  • Arrange Academic and Cultural Learning Visits
  • Organize and/or facilitate international events and engagements
  • Liaison in international institutions, organizations, and networks
  • Outbound and Inbound Faculty Mobility
  • Outbound and Inbound Student Mobility
  • Process documents for submission to the Bureau of Immigration
  • Review and process documents of Faculty and Staff for submission to CHED-IAS to get Certification of the Legitimacy of the Activity
  • IAELO Framework

    Initiate Stage: During this stage, the foundation is laid, and plans for international collaboration are brainstormed and conceptualized. Effective communication plays a crucial role in bringing institutions together, facilitating the exchange of intentions for partnerships, and creating a shared vision for the future.
    Coordinate Stage: University officials and prospective partners come together to explore potential areas for collaboration. Coordination is an opportunity to align interests, bridge gaps in understanding, and establish a shared vision.
    Amalgamate Stage: The LNU and its prospective partner formalize their partnership by signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). This stage is critical as it finalizes the partnership and establishes a formal relationship.
    Realize Stage: It focuses on the execution of the partnership agreement. Continuous communication and collaboration are essential, fostering mutual accountability and shared ownership of the partnership’s success.
    Evaluate and Elevate Stage: It involves a detailed review of the partnership’s progress and outcomes, monitoring areas for improvement. At the same time, it represents the culmination and celebration of the partnership’s success.

    International Partner Institutions


    Asia eUniversity


    Capilano University


    Chung Hua University


    Portsworld Academy Malaysia


    Ryukoku University


    Tra Vinh University


    Universitas Pendidikan indonesia

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

    Universitas Siliwangi

    Office Personnel and Staff

    Rommel L. Verecio, DM, JD

    Director, International Affairs and External Linkages Office (IAELO)

    Nilda V. Jamora, Ph.D

    Tours and Events Coordinator

    Ms. Gemaris Y. Jadaone

    Secretary, IAELO

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