The LNU Learning Resource Center College and Graduate School Libraries are open on the following days and hours, except for public holidays. NO NOONBREAK policy will be observed.


Borrowing Guidelines and Policies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

     The library is dedicated to support its students and faculty during this time of the pandemic. However, to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients, we are providing limited in-person assistance.

1. There is no face-to-face library transaction for students. On site transactions will be limited to the signing of the transcript of records, faculty clearance, and borrowing and returning of books from faculty.

2. Students who wish to borrow books from the library are advised to message us through the following:

E-Mail Address:

Facebook Account: @lnulearningresourcecenter

3. The library staff provides online assistance to reference needs such as scanned copy of the topics needed from our printed resources. Kindly give us two (2) days to review and prepare your reference needs.

4. Book drop and book pick up
          - We accept online book reservations.
          - Books in the open shelves can be borrowed for seven (7) days. No penalty shall be charged for late returning of books this pandemic.


5. The library provides free access to online library resources such as Open Access Electronic Resources and Online Databases. The links for Online library resources are posted in our official Library Facebook Page. You may visit: @lnulearningresourcecenter.


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