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About Us

The Office of Research and Innovation is under the umbrella of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Extension whose function is to uphold the status of excellence in research and development. Consistent with the University’s Vision and Mission; and cognizant of UNESCO’s thrust for Education for Sustainable Development and Lifelong Learning, the Research endeavor of the university aims for the integration of knowledge and praxis of sustainable development in education, arts and sciences, and management and entrepreneurship. All research endeavors move towards addressing socio-political, economic, cultural, and environmental issues of the 21st century.

In addition, the office aims to establish a research culture whereby faculty, staff, and students undertake quality research. Specifically, the office is mandated:

  • To provide a venue for faculty, students, and researchers for convergence;
  • To act as a research coordinating center for various programs, projects, and activities for the university and community;
  • To network, partner, and tandem with other similar-minded organizations;
  • To initiate creative and empowering activities that will increase capability, participation, and deepen awareness in research among faculty, students, and the community as the basis for instructing, forming, nurturing, and coaching young people for sustainable development;
  • To raise the level of appreciation and understanding of the faculty, students, and stakeholders on issues, problems, and initiatives confronting their communities;
  • To harness the participation and involvement of young people in research and community development initiatives by providing them venues for actual exposure to research situations
  • To build a sense of responsibility, vigilance, stewardship, and intellectual integrity to research;
  • To link critical development issues important to target communities with the university's research, instruction, personal expertise, and external sources; and
  • To conduct regular monitoring and assessment of the activities implemented per school year.

Office Personnel and Staff

Jonas P. Villas, PhD, M.Math, LPT

Executive Director, Office of Research and Innovation

Lina G. Fabian, EdD

Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Extension

Research Interests: Physics Curriculum Development and Educational Leadership

Myra A. Abayon, PhD

Director, CTERTI

Research Interests: Biodiversity and Entomology

Ma. Chrischelle F. Bullecer

Manager, KCIC-IPO

Research Interests: Plant Research and Education

Devine Grace D. Funcion

Research and Innovation Coordinator, CAS

Research Interests: Data Mining and Quantitative Research

Jeruel B. Rubas

Research and Innovation Coordinator, COE

Research Interests: Physics Education, Educational Policies, Digital Technology

Kristel Cabacang

Research and Innovation Coordinator, CME

Research Interests: Management, Entrep., Social Science

Reynerio B. Mendoza

Research and Innovation Coordinator, GS

Research Interests: Physics Education, Physics. Entrepreneurial

Sheba B. Bato

Education Research Assistant II. ORI

Research Interests: Microbiology, Cellular Architecture, and Physiology

Shiela Mae O. Palligutan

Secretary, ORI

Research Interests: Graphics Design, C++, Programming

Jaysa C. Harapohop

Research Assistant (COS), ORI

Research Interests: Business and Management, Product Development

Louel Francis I. Magdua

Secretary, VPREI

Research Interests: Business and Management,

Organizational Chart

P. Paterno St., Brgy. 50., Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
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