Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office

Scholarship Policies


A student can avail of only one scholarship.


Special grants are given only to students who belong to low socio-economic status.


Criteria for selection will be set by the agency/donor of the grant in coordination with the Office of the Scholarship Coordinator.


The funds for scholarship received as trust fund shall be spent solely for the purpose.


Donors are to deposit the funds on or before the start of the enrollment period of the first semester or for the whole year.


A scholarship committee (composed of the Dean of Student Affairs, Guidance, Scholarship Coordinator, Student Services Coordinator and Supreme Student Council President) screen all applicants and possible candidates for scholarships or grants. The committee then submits the bio-data of the applicants or candidates to the University President for approval in case of a scholarship or to the donor agency for its approval in case of a grant.


Some scholarship grants include tuition and miscellaneous fees, book allowance per semester, and a monthly stipend. A memorandum of Agreement (MOA) containing provisions of scholarship is executed between the scholar and the university/sponsor.


Some scholarships specify that the recipient pay back the stipend in installment as soon as the scholar has a job. A MOA for this purpose is also executed between the scholar and the university/sponsor.

Scholarships/Grants Offered

Academic Scholarships
  • Entrance Scholarship
  • University Scholarship
Non-Academic Scholarships
  • Supreme Student Council
  • Student Journalists (An Lantawan)
  • Cultural Performers
  • Sports Scholarship Program
  • Athletics Scholars
Government Scholarships
  • CHED Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAPs)
  • CHED Full State Scholarship Program
  • CHED Half State Scholarship Program
  • CHED Tulong Dunong Program
  • Tertiary Education Subsidy
  • DOST-SEI Scholarship
  • GSIS Scholarship
  • OWWA Scholarship
Privately Funded Scholarships
  • AY Foundation
  • Edward & Eva Underwood Charitable Foundation
  • Gabay Guro Scholarship
  • Korean Food for the Hungry International
  • SamarLeyte Texas, Inc. Scholarship Program (SLT)
  • SM Foundation Scholarship
  • The Association of FIl-Am Teachers of America, Inc. Scholarship
  • Tzu Chi Foundation Scholarship
  • Gokongwei Brothers Foundation Scholarship

Student Asssistanship Program

The Student Assistantship Program is designed to offer learning experience of an office work while earning extra income to augment and support their studies. Students accepted to this program are assigned to the different offices of the university. They are to render services to their assigned offices for a duration of one semester/summer. In return, the university pays for the corresponding number of hours rendered by them.

The student assistant applicant must meet the following requirements:
  • At least one (1) year residence at LNU;
  • At least one (1) year residence at LNU;
  • A grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 with no INCs, Dropped, 4.0s or 5.0s;
  • Honest, diligent, hard-working;
  • Physically and mentally healthy;
  • Good moral character;
  • Recommended by two subject instructors or adviser;
  • Not enjoying any scholarship from this university;
  • Not an officer of any organization except Union of Student Workers and Assistants Group (USWAG);
  • Must not carry more than eight (8) academic loads.
A student assistant is allowed to work for not more than 4 hours a day. The total number of hours served shall not exceed 50 hours per month, except for important institutional activities rendered during summer (e.g., screening, enrollment, special university project, etc.).

Office Personnel and Staff

Liza T. Bacierra, MA, LPT

Head, Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office



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