Partnerships for the Goals

Relationships to Support SDG

LNU partnered with UNESCO, UN WMO, UNWCC, the British Council the Philippines, Department of Health, the Department of Social Work, Local and Municipal Government Units and other instrumentalities of government, development councils, and Indigenous communities to provide inputs to address the attainment of SDGs.

The university fostered cross-sectoral dialogues on SDGs through collaboration with other universities, conduct of conferences, workshops and fora, outreach programs, internationalization activities, and strategic foresight. All projects and activities partnered with multi-sectoral agencies geared towards community resiliency, quality, and sustainable education for the benefit of society.

Moreover, LNU is engaged in development process (data intake, problematization and interventions) with international partners such as universities and the UN Organizations. Likewise, the university engaged with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for the Development of the Water and Climate youth Development Plan and Agenda for the UN Water Conference in March 2023 and participated in the UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Egypt. For the university, this data helps in crafting localized university level interventions to attain SDGs.

LNU as engaged in research, and development process with international partners such as universities and the UN Organizations, implements best practices for SDGs through outreach programs.

Project and Activities Supporting SDGs

Other Project and Activities Supporting SDGs
Policy Development with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations Cross-sectoral Dialogues International Collaborations Collaboration with NGOs
Education for SDGs

Leyte Normal University ensures students in meaningful education revolving around SDGs explicated in its policies. It embeds in its courses concepts, issues of SDGs and the mechanisms to achieve it.

   The University has organized different outreach educational activities directed toward helping its stakeholders in the community involving alumni, residents, and displaced indigenous people.

Publication of SDG Reports

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