Learning Resource Center
A service unit of the University with the state-of-the-art learning resources and information technology.
To support the University’s present and future instructional learning and research needs through organized, relevant and fast delivery of information services.

About Us

The library is an essential resource of intellectual advancement in an educational institution. In-line with the goals of the University it endeavors to meet the needs of all its clientele by providing an adequate space, well selected and well-organized collection supporting instruction, research, extension and other programs.

At present the university library is strategically located and is accessible to students, faculty and all its end users. The size of the library meets standard requirements considering its present enrollment and future expansion. The Graduate School Library is also being used by the college students. Its library holdings is more than 40,000 volumes for both Graduate and College libraries.

The library is administered and supervised by the university librarian which is under the Vice-President for Academic Services. Working side by side within university librarian are seven (7) licensed librarians and support staff, BLIS practicum students and one (1) janitor.

The goals and objectives of the library are satisfactorily attained through the procurement of its facilities and other library resources.

Brief History

The Learning Resource Center was built last June 24, 1994 and was inaugurated in December of the same year. It had more than 40,000 volumes of library holdings at the start. In 1995, the Center received book donations from external sources and bought additional volumes of books in preparation for its first level accreditation. After two years, the Center was granted the second level accreditation in Teacher Education and Graduate School. The First Re-survey accreditation was awarded in 1998. Since then, its facilities and holdings have increased and developed into a more customer-oriented service provider. It did not stop supporting the academic programs for accreditation level of teacher education programs and other programs of the university. In 2004, the center received donations from DOST the amount of three million pesos (P3,000,000) for library automation project as Center of Excellence for Teacher Education.

Lately in 2010 the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with the Philippine e-Library Project, Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan, Chairperson, entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Leyte Normal University (LNU) represented by the University President Dr. Evelyn C. Cruzada, a project called the Science Direct Freedom Collection Online Database (SDFCOD), a multi-disciplinary foreign electronic database. The LNU being the recipient in monitoring the use of this database and submits reports at the end of the year to CHED.


Note: The library is also open during weekends when there are face-to-face classes in the Graduate School
Pre-pandemic Library Services
  • Readers/Circulation Service
    • The Circulation Process
    • Charging/Discharging System
  • Reference Book Services
    • The Reference Process
    • Use of the OPAC
  • Library Orientation and Instruction
  • Photocopying Service
  • Interlibrary loan/ Referral Service
  • Internet Service
  • Bulletin Board Display and Exhibits
Library Services During the Pandemic

Borrowing Guidelines and Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The library is dedicated to support its students and faculty during this time of the pandemic. However, to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients, we are providing limited in-person assistance.

    • There is no face-to-face library transaction for students. On site transactions will be limited to the signing of the transcript of records, faculty clearance, and borrowing and returning of books from faculty.
    • Students who wish to borrow books from the library are advised to message us through the following:
      • E -Mail Address:lnu.library1@gmail.com  
      • Facebook Account:@lnulearningresourcecenter
    • The library staff provides online assistance to reference needs such as scanned copy of the topics needed from our printed resources. Kindly give us two (2) days to review and prepare your reference needs.
    • Book drop and book pick up
      • We accept online book reservations.
      • Books in the open shelves can be borrowed for seven (7)days. No penalty shall be charged for late returning of books this pandemic.
    • The library provides free access to online library resources such as Open Access Electronic Resources and Online Databases. The links for Online library resources are posted in our official Library Facebook Page. You may visit: @lnulearningresourcecenter.

"I Love My Library Campaign"

I love my library so I will...
Refrain from hiding, damaging, and intentionally mis-shelving books.
Return chairs back to their proper place after use.
Maintain conversations at a minimum level.
Handle Equipment with care.
Dispose Garbage Properly Respect other users, and behave properly inside the library. They also need privacy.
Avoid damaging the shelves, tables and chairs.
Put my mobile phone on silent mode.
Avoid eating inside the Library.
Return the books on time.

This campaign outlines simple ways to Care and Love your Library. We believe that the best people who would take care of the Library are the users themselves.

Office Personnel and Staff

The library staff are qualified in their respected position. There are seven (7) licensed librarians four (4) of which are holding librarian positions. One (1) is holding an Administrative Aide position and two (2) are holding Librarian Aide positions.
Rosalinda N. Oreo, MAEd, RL

Librarian III - University Librarian

Luzviminda F. Alcober, MLIS, RL

Graduate School Librarian

Jan Tammy C. Naraja, MLIS, RL

College Librarian I

Angelica A. Asis, RL

College Librarian I

Mariel B. Bercero, RL

Librarian Aide

Lauren Mae C. Sasi, RL

Librarian Aide

Evelyn F. Perpiñan

Administrative Aide, Book Binder

Maricel B. Daga, RL

COS Employee

Contact Us

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P. Paterno St., Brgy. 50., Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
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Phone: +63 (53) 832 3205
Email: info@lnu.edu.ph